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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot. The applicant must pass through an authorized agent who submits the application on their behalf. The state does not grant programs to individuals, but rather accredits agencies for it around the world.

No, these countries allow dual citizenship.

The validity period varies according to the country you obtain a passport from. There are countries which grant passports valid for five years, such as Dominica, after which the renewal is done through the state’s consulate. Others grant passports valid for ten years, such as the state of St. Kitts, and it is renewed either through the consulate or the Passports and Immigration Department in the country.

Forever and can be inherited for generations.

The laws in these countries that grant citizenship programs stipulate the right of citizens to obtain a passport. This means that citizens cannot be deprived of a passport, and therefore your passport will be renewed.

No, you do not need to visit the country before or during the application process.

You can visit the country via London, via Miami, or via New York and then to St. Kitts.

No, it is required that procedures and government fees are paid through an authorized agent.

No, only your authorized agent can check the status of your application, and the program will not share any information about the status of the application with anyone other than your authorized agent.

The term Commonwealth refers to the League of British Peoples, one of the oldest unions, consisting of 54 countries located on six continents. Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of the United Kingdom, is the honorary head of the Commonwealth of Nations

Being a citizen of the Commonwealth of Nations provides you with many benefits. For example, you will be able to travel easily between the member states and you will be protected by the travels and committees of other member states around the world. Also you will be eligible to participate in some sports activities of the Commonwealth Games.

Once you obtain citizenship, you will have the same right to live, work and study in the country as any other citizen.